Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Food Monster Escape: Herb and Spice

Yoo! I planned to write this review a few days ago but it ended up published today. This is another food I tried in Bandung: Herb and Spice. I first saw this when I visited Prima Rasa with my mom, but we already ate so I just saw the menu and decided that I must try it soon.
Herb and Spice is located above Prima Rasa at Jalan Pasir Kaliki, which is near to where I lived so it's so easy to go there alone. Actually, the reason I'm interested is the books. I feel like spending the whole day reading the books there.

Indoor area with air conditioner
"Herb and Spice"

Outdoor area

Beef Black Pepper (IDR 39k)
I ordered beef black pepper pasta and it's a good choice! It served with beef, bell peppers, and crackers. When I ate this, I didn't need to add tomato or chili sauce because the taste was already rich. The black pepper sauce was perfect, pasta was well cooked, and the (plain) crackers completed the taste.
I think bell peppers successfully made this dish more delicious. I'll recommend this for you who love hot and spicy food. It's perfect, everyone; at least in my opinion. Anyway, it's my bad because I forgot to take photo of the beef. The beef was also well cooked, it's so tender and perfectly seasoned. Now I'm drooling......

Cherry Floral Ice Tea (IDR 23k)
I think we're all familiar with lychee ice tea or peach ice tea, but have you ever tried cherry ice tea? This is the first time I tried cherry ice tea and I fell in love with it. It tasted like ordinary fruit tea when I first drinking it but I could taste the cherry flavor at the end. It's refreshing!

Overall, I really recommend this place. The food is delicious and it's quite affordable, the interior is plus point for this restaurant. I'll definitely come back when I visit Bandung, not by myself so I can try several food :p

Herb and Spice:
163 Jalan Pasirkaliki, Bandung, Indonesia

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Sweatshirt- Bershka // Skirt- Unbranded // Sneakers- Vans sk8 high // Backpack- Jansport
Yoo dreamers! I'm back with new outfit post. I somehow take a lot of outfit photos after I finished my university activities and I can't wait to post it in this blog. I try to balance the outfit posts and another category posts like Bandung Diary or Food Monster Escape; sometimes I wonder if my readers prefer fashion related posts?
I bought this sweatshirt on new year, the first day of 2015. I didn't plan to do any shopping but when I visited Bershka I saw the Looney Tunes collection and immediately in love with this piece. It's on sale but it's still expensive for me so I persuaded my dad to pay half *bad daughter*. After thinking for so long, I finally got my first Vans. My lovely black Converse is so old already so I want another black sneakers. I originally want the low one but it's out of stock everywhere, and this sk8 high was on sale so I bought it. I always love to combine boyish and girly items together.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Bandung Diary: Zenbu, Paris Van Java


When I was in Bandung, I usually explore the city on weekend, alone. That day I went to Paris Van Java to watch Cinderella and to have lunch. I have no problem watching movie or eating alone, fyi I love it. Some friends call me forever alone but who cares, hahaha. I had lunch at Zenbu, a japanese restaurant which I haven't tried before. I will show you what food I ate:
Salmon sushi ball, modanyaki, lychee ice tea
I ordered original modanyaki; it's fried noodle served on a hot pan, egg, and mayonnaise with various toppings. I think they used the similar sauce for okonomiyaki. I didn't finish it because I was already so full although I ordered the regular one. It tasted a little sour and sweet, overall it's so delicious I want to eat it now!! Salmon sushi ball actually tasted so-so, nothing special. 
I still had much time before watching the movie so I strolling around the mall. Paris Van Java is very popular mall in Bandung. I first visited it 4 years ago with my family but I didn't really remember how it was because I have short term memory..... It has outdoor and indoor area; most of the restaurants and apparels stores are in the outdoor area. There were also small booths selling food, beverages, and snack. I also found a lot of cute stores indoor. If you happen to visit Bandung, make sure to stop by! Check the photos below :)
My favorite candy but it's so expensive :(
I love this store!

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